WORMSKIN #1 Available Now in PDF

Wormskin explores the mythic forest called Dolmenwood, a setting for use with B/X campaigns or similar tabletop systems. Each issue will look at various elements of this eldritch realm situated on the leafy verges of Faerie, where austere Drunes rub elbows with weird elf-lords and talking beasts, where witches wander skyclad and armed with sinister magicks to bind the spirits of hapless adventurers. Be wary.

Issue 1 includes:
  • The grimalkin race-class.
  • Four new spells of cat-kind, including the terrifying (?) furball.
  • The moss dwarf race-class.
  • One (1!) new forest-creeping monster: the root-thing.
  • A hearty article on the fungi of Dolmenwood: edible, psychedelic, and poisonous.

(Print version coming in the new year. If you purchase the PDF edition now, we'll send you a discount on the full print/PDF combo when it goes live.)

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  1. Excellent work! Thank you.

    Where did the cover art come from? I didn't see it credited.

    1. That's the work of Kay Nielsen, a Danish artist.

  2. My print version of Wormskin arrived just yesterday, thanks for making a print version available. It is a lovely and odd little book, just what I was hoping for.
    Any comment on the release schedule for future issues of this setting?

    1. Thanks, C.T.! Next ish is due on the Spring Equinox.