Vancian Magic Supplement

I've heard that folks are looking for the Vancian Magic Supplement. It had been quietly removed along with the back issues of the Underworld Lore zine due to the loosey-goosey approach to copyrights I took early in my zine-making career. I've since become slightly more cautious. No money was ever charged for any of these early fan-works, for the record.

Against my better judgment I'm offering VMS again, just for a short period. Click on the cover below to download the pdf.



  1. Before downloading, what does it contain?

    1. It's got several articles on the Vancian Magic system by Gygax, a couple integral stories by Vance, and an entire system of Vancian spells intended to supplant the standard set.

  2. Thanks very much for this. I got two copies printed out, I'm really happy with them.

  3. This is excellent! Thank you. I've been on a big Vance kick recently, mostly SF, but this is important work to put it in context and collect Gary's comments on it from all the disparate sources. Thanks again!

  4. Wow!
    I was directed to a dead link, but found this one. I've already read some of this material in their original sources, but your compilation and organization is a awesome work! Thanks and congrats!